Yoko’s Finds: Winter Gift Guide 2023

As we near the winter solstice, appreciating the sun’s blessings becomes ever more poignant. Our December on Instagram has been devoted to sharing ’25 Ways to Embrace Seasonal Living’. Living in sync with the changing seasons isn’t just about adapting; it’s about cultivating a deeper connection with nature’s rhythms. Seasonal living champions mindful eating, conscious consumption, and […]

5 Beautiful Gardens – Kyoto

During the heart of the pandemic, I penned an article about the ‘5 Beautiful Boutique Inns in Kyoto’—a nostalgic endeavor fueled by the yearning to revisit and a hopeful beacon for those patiently awaiting Japan’s borders to reopen. Since then, I have seen a surge in upcoming travel plans from friends and admirers. Raised in […]

The Newt in Somerset

As an architectural studio, we aim to create cherished moments within the spaces we craft. Private homes hold a special place in our hearts as they often mean the most to people. When a last-minute invitation to experience The Newt in Somerset came my way, I jumped on the opportunity without hesitation. The Newt in […]

Hotels Immersed In Nature

Central to our health and wellbeing, being in close proximity to nature is seen by many cultures as one of the greatest luxuries for living. For those of us that live in densely populated cities, it feels more important than ever to diversify our surroundings through travel, and experience the natural beauty and intricacies of […]

Journeying Into The Desert

An archetype of awe-inspiring architecture; Egypt is likely to be one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of some of the earliest existing examples of ancient structures and civilisations. Enamoured with Ancient Egypt, my middle-child has been desperate to visit the country for as long as we can remember (he […]

Visiting an Enchanting Villa

Following my recent long-awaited trip to Japan, high on my list while back in Kyoto was to visit one of my favourite spots in the city: Katsura Imperial Villa. Spread over almost 16 acres, this enchanting natural complex was built by a member of the Imperial Family in the 17th century, almost 380 years ago. […]

5 Beautiful Boutique Inns – Kyoto

Steeped in rich history and archetypal of Japanese design, traditional ryokans (inns) have existed since as early as the eighth century, and continue to encompass the distinctive features we recognise in Japanese architecture today. Hidden within the atmospheric city of Kyoto where I grew up, many of these inns have been restored to reflect a […]

Villa That Inspired Aman Resorts

Have you heard of the late Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa? Ever since I read somewhere that his work inspired the founder of Aman Resorts and many other tropical resorts, I had wanted to visit his architecture. My dream came true when we spent our Christmas/ New Year holiday in Sri Lanka.   Lunuganga, a […]