Journeying Into The Desert

An archetype of awe-inspiring architecture; Egypt is likely to be one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of some of the earliest existing examples of ancient structures and civilisations.

Enamoured with Ancient Egypt, my middle-child has been desperate to visit the country for as long as we can remember (he even had a themed birthday party a few years ago with a pharaoh mummy cake!), so this Christmas we decided it was time to make the trip happen.

In an opportunity to revel in the ancient sights, the vast desert, local cuisine and culture, we as a family wanted to take the time out of our busy schedules and immerse ourselves in another world away from London, and to regain perspective.

In between visits to pyramids, old souks and boat trips down the River Nile, I squeezed in a unique experience that I knew we could not miss: a 2-night camping trip in the middle of the Western Sahara Desert.

After a 5-hour drive from Cairo, we met with our guide Mohammed; a Bedouin whose family runs a local hotel and desert tour operator business in the quaint oasis town of Bawiti. Intrigued by this small and rustic desert town, we enjoyed a light lunch before we were ushered into his sand-whipped 4×4, and set off into the desert.

As we approached the first sandy horizon, white formations dotted the earth like delicate sculptures and the wind formed the soft chalk in the atmosphere into mesmerising shapes, as we found ourselves in the middle of the White Desert.


Just as the sun was setting, we arrived at a camp site – where Mohammed and his cousin whipped up a charcoal grilled chicken dinner and brewed a pot of sweet mint tea. As we bathed in the soft moonlight that flooded the desert in a soft, cool glow, I had not even realised that it had become dark. And without the typical light and air pollution we experience back at home, there was no need for even a torch outside.

Our second day in the desert was one we will never forget. Curious to explore new places and go off the beaten path; Mohammed’s cousin drove us further into the desert and remote area that most tourists don’t usually go. With no human or life form in sight, we truly felt as if we were on another planet.

While the kids enjoyed sand surfing, having “the best day of their lives”, I was stood awe struck – taking in the vast and incredible sights that surrounded us so to never forget it. As the sun started setting, and it began to get too cold to stay out, we waved goodbye to this incredible scene and the incredible two-days we spent in the desert.


We may not think of these experiences as making an immediate impact on our lives, but I will certainly cherish that moment for a long time. We don’t simply create physical spaces. We strive to create moments to cherish. And that is what I want to create for our clients – memories with loved ones that last a lifetime.

Wishing you many special moments in 2023.

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