Hotels Immersed In Nature

Central to our health and wellbeing, being in close proximity to nature is seen by many cultures as one of the greatest luxuries for living. For those of us that live in densely populated cities, it feels more important than ever to diversify our surroundings through travel, and experience the natural beauty and intricacies of other cultures.

Whether you are planning travels to Asia or Africa, we have selected five of our favourite luxury hotels that use clever architecture, beautiful design and sustainable solutions that allow us to get as close to nature as possible.

Set across five different countries, with backdrops from sand dunes to rich-tropical rainforests, these hotels are immersed in the most stunning natural surroundings our planet has to offer.

1. Thw Datai, Langkawi - Malaysia

Nestled in the heart of one of the most captivating rainforest in Asia, The Datai is a destination resort designed to seamlessly blend into its natural surroundings. Situated on the Malaysian island of Langkawi, lush tropical vegetation surrounds the complex – enhancing both wellbeing and mindfulness.

Elevated among the treetops, each guest is treated to awe-inspiring views from their rooms and a calming, tropical soundscape – encouraging exploration of the wealth of wildlife at its feet.

2. Hoshinoya, Kyoto - Japan

Perfectly capturing the Japanese concept of yugen (an awareness of the simplicity and beauty of life), Hoshinoya describes the Kyoto retreat as a ‘kaleidoscopic display of verdant greens veiled by mists, reds and yellows decorating the hills in the fall, and the white that blankets the scenery in the winter.’

Set on the Oi River, the hotel’s design and ethos is centred around the glorious natural surroundings – inspiring a centring and stillness. Balancing traditional and modern Japanese design, the village of century-old buildings sit serenely, looking out to tranquil river views.

3. Adrere Amellal, Siwa - Egypt

Settled at the foot of the majestic White Mountain and overlooking the crystal-clear Siwa Oasis, the Adrère Amellal is a luxury ecolodge not to be missed on your Egyptian travels.

Envisioned by our design hero India Mahdavi, the heart of the design leans on preserving the beauty of the surrounding area and reusing natural, ancestral materials such as kershif, olivewood, sandstone and palms. Built in harmony with the sandy surroundings; there is a native semblance between dunes and this natural structure.

4. Amanpulo, the Philippines

Found in the idyllic Cuyo Archipelago of northern Palawan in the Philippines, lies the beguiling Pamalican Island and home to Amanpulo. Decorated with white sand beaches and untouched reefs, this Aman resort is an archetype of natural beauty; surrounded by clear seas and offering a tropical while secluded experience in nature.

Described as a ‘back to nature experience in supreme comfort and privacy’, the premise of the resort echoes Aman’s commitment to use design and architecture to connect guests to the ‘spirit of a place’.

5. Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Last but by no means least is Bisate Lodge, a unique and captivating hotel experience that captures the heart of Rwanda. Perched on the edge of the Virunga Mountains, accommodation consists of six thatched spherical villas, designed with raw, natural materials to sustainably integrate into the dramatic forest surroundings.

Tucked in the dense jungle mountains edge, the hotel design celebrates modern luxury while paying homage to traditional Rwandan design – reflecting the intrinsic organic culture of the country. Providing a luxury hotel experience like no other.

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