Our Guide To Japanese Design

Since starting the Yoko Kloeden Design studio in 2016, it has been my intention to create spaces that convey a sense of calm and balance, where I am able to translate my inherent appreciation for nature and connection to Japanese aesthetics into the homes of our clients.

As part of the reason many of our clients choose to work with us – and after years of honing this ethos through projects spanning London (and occasionally over-seas) – I have instilled my knowledge of and principles for design into an illustrative introductory email guide titled: ‘The Japanese art of a calm & balanced home‘.

Crafted with the intent to introduce you to the principles of Japanese design, the guide is set over 6-days where each day we dive into a philosophy that is fundamental to the way we live and design our homes; embracing the power of light, nature, space and much more.

With the origin of Japanese aesthetics lying in close relationship with the outside world, it is not a coincidence that many of the elements we cover are traditionally found in nature.

Growing up in my hometown of Kyoto, I have always found a unique sense of peace in nature – spending ample time in temple gardens to seek a moment of solace. That is why the aim of this guide is not only to introduce you to the principles of Japanese design, but to help you understand how these make up a calm and balanced home.

In the first day of our guide I decode and distill the fundamental principles found in Yugen, introducing you to the ways you can find moments of stillness and simple pleasures in your everyday home life. While the next five days we uncover the 5 key principles, these are: Hikari (Light), Nagame (View), Ma (Space), Shizen (Nature), and Taru o Shiru (Knowing What’s Enough).

If you are interested in learning more about Japanese aesthetics, how to make the most of your space in relation to the natural elements around us, or are considering the ways in which your home can be adapted to create a better sense of calm and balance – this guide is for you.

Both informative and evocative, this guide has been a labour of love and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

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