Our Guide To Japanese Design

Since starting the Yoko Kloeden Design studio in 2016, it has been my intention to create spaces that convey a sense of calm and balance, where I am able to translate my inherent appreciation for nature and connection to Japanese aesthetics into the homes of our clients. As part of the reason many of our […]

‘Yugen’ – Philosophy Behind Our Design

We recently received a compliment by a new client of ours, who explained how our projects evoke particular sentiments – specifically feelings such as love, and a sense of being welcomed. This observation has been one of the best compliments we have received, and while very flattered by this acknowledgment, we would also like to […]

Japan’s Microseasons

From ancient times up until present day, the Japanese calendar has divided the year into 24 periods to mark the passing of seasons and accompanied environmental changes that take place in the natural world. Categorised into a broader 72 micro-seasons; each depict the transitions that happen in nature – vividly illustrated through the evocative names […]