Carving Out A Jewel Box Suite

In Spring last year, Yoko Kloeden Design built a luxurious, feminine master-suite in Ealing, London for corporate lawyer Stephanie who was looking for a restorative, feminine boudoir to reflect her personal style.

Carving out an additional floor for a luxurious bedroom, dressing area and ensuite, the space uses a rich and opulent colour story inspired by the clients adoration for the epochal Rokeby Venus painting.

Inspired by this transformation, we sat down with our client to discuss her experience working with the studio, the impact of these changes to her home, and her thoughts on the whole process – looking back just almost a year later.

What inspired you to add this brand-new area to your home?

Before the renovation, my home was already lovely but I knew that I wanted to build an extension on top of the house to create an additional bedroom and bathroom that would be customised to my taste and specifications. I wanted to create a retreat or ‘sanctuary-like’ feeling, and this presented an opportunity to create a space that was tailored to my needs.

Why did you select Yoko Kloeden Design?

During my research, I came across Yoko’s work and it instantly caught my attention. I was impressed by the understated and timeless designs, which were both stylish and calming. The muted palettes that she uses were also appealing to me, as these were functional and not overwhelming. At the early stages of discussing the project, I also really appreciated the professionalism of the design studio – they had a clear way of gathering information and understanding my brief.

What did you learn through the renovation experience?

The renovation project was quite a big undertaking. I anticipated that it would be a long and stressful project with many ups and downs. However, thanks to the effective coordination between the design team and the builders, the project went relatively smoothly.

Throughout the experience I truly realised the benefits of using a designer and their invaluable expertise; especially if you’re looking for a long-term change that won’t need redoing in a few years. Although your expected expenditure may increase – the outcome is well worth it and I continue to highly recommend using a designer such as Yoko to others.

What do you believe were the biggest achievements?

I’m delighted with so many aspects of the space – it’s difficult to narrow down. The overall layout is great, and I’m particularly happy with the storage solutions and the small design details, such as the handles. Despite being seemingly small things, they really enhance the room’s look and feel, and credit goes to the team for sourcing them.

The bathroom is a standout success, with everyone saying how amazing it is. I personally love it too, and everything works together seamlessly to create the expected overall effect.

How does your new master-suite make you feel?

I describe it as a cosy jewel-like space, that is almost like a womb. I love that it is unique and reflects my personality and vision, it brings me joy and makes me feel at home. People who have visited the space have remarked that it looks tailored to me – and it does truly feel like mine.

Would you like to know more about this project?

The full case study PDF is available to download here.

Home renovation is often cited as one of the most stressful experiences a person goes through in their life so our job is to make it as less stressful as possible.

If you are thinking about creating your dream home and would like to learn more about how we work and what we do, please get in touch.

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