Beyond Sight and Sound

In a world overflowing with information, our senses are constantly on high alert. The majority of this information, especially in the digital realm, engages just two of our senses – sight and hearing. While our visual and auditory receptors (our eyes and ears) need time to rest, our other three senses remain underutilised in enhancing […]

Harmonising Indoor and Outdoor Living

One of the most awe-inspiring places I’ve ever visited is the Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan, crafted in the 17th century for the imperial family. I’ve dedicated a journal article to this masterpiece (check it out here). The interiors of the villa are beautifully simple, yet the entire architectural design was orchestrated to capture the essence […]

Creating a Cozy Haven

In continuation of last month’s discussion on indoor air quality, this month, we delve into the essence of what truly makes a home comfortable. Who doesn’t yearn for a nurturing sanctuary? Yet, many homes fall short of providing true comfort: from the jarring noise of early morning flights in a loft room to the stifling […]

The Key to Healthy Indoor Air

As the days lengthen and winter comes to an end, the yearning to fling open our windows grows stronger. For many, winter signifies a time when our homes are sealed shut, trapping stale air within. In this month’s journal, let’s talk about the significance of air quality. Studies reveal that indoor air quality in the […]

Evoking the Essence of Japan

In spring last year, we created a Japan-inspired peaceful haven in Ealing, London for a professional couple who recently emigrated from Hong Kong. The couple had a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, and tasked us with bringing their vision to life. Sustainability and ethical sourcing were top priorities. The result is a pocket of peace […]

Yoko’s Finds: Winter Gift Guide 2023

As we near the winter solstice, appreciating the sun’s blessings becomes ever more poignant. Our December on Instagram has been devoted to sharing ’25 Ways to Embrace Seasonal Living’. Living in sync with the changing seasons isn’t just about adapting; it’s about cultivating a deeper connection with nature’s rhythms. Seasonal living champions mindful eating, conscious consumption, and […]

5 Beautiful Gardens – Kyoto

During the heart of the pandemic, I penned an article about the ‘5 Beautiful Boutique Inns in Kyoto’—a nostalgic endeavor fueled by the yearning to revisit and a hopeful beacon for those patiently awaiting Japan’s borders to reopen. Since then, I have seen a surge in upcoming travel plans from friends and admirers. Raised in […]

The Newt in Somerset

As an architectural studio, we aim to create cherished moments within the spaces we craft. Private homes hold a special place in our hearts as they often mean the most to people. When a last-minute invitation to experience The Newt in Somerset came my way, I jumped on the opportunity without hesitation. The Newt in […]

Design Principles – 5. Taru O Shiru (Less is More)

In a world where the pursuit of “more” seems relentless, there is profound wisdom in embracing the concept of Taru o Shiru, which directly translates to “I know what’s enough.” It’s an idea deeply rooted in Japanese culture and philosophy, and it serves as the fifth and final principle in our exploration of ‘The Japanese […]

Design Principles – 4. Shizen (Nature)

We’ve reached the heart of our exploration in ‘The Japanese Art of a Calm & Balanced Home’ series. Today, let’s dive into the fourth principle, Shizen (Nature). In Japan, nature is not a distant backdrop but an intrinsic part of life. With its distinct seasons and often challenging natural conditions, the Japanese have developed a […]