Beyond Sight and Sound

In a world overflowing with information, our senses are constantly on high alert. The majority of this information, especially in the digital realm, engages just two of our senses – sight and hearing.

While our visual and auditory receptors (our eyes and ears) need time to rest, our other three senses remain underutilised in enhancing our quality of life.
To give your hyper-stimulated visual sense a break, create a serene window seat with a view or an indoor oasis like a green wall or a kitchen garden. For your ears, try listening to nature soundscapes, such as forest whispers or ocean waves, while soaking in a bath to soothe your auditory senses.

Here, I will share how to engage your other three senses to create a truly restorative home.


We always encourage our clients to incorporate as many natural materials as possible into their homes. When chosen wisely, these materials are a delight to touch, age gracefully, and can bring years of happiness if properly maintained. Their unique contours, patterns, and textures are impossible to replicate with synthetic materials. Opt for materials from sustainable, recyclable sources, ideally as locally as possible.


Natural materials such as wood, sisal, jute, and clay are not only wonderful to touch but also smell delightful. Unlike many plastic and vinyl products, which can emit unpleasant odors and release toxic chemicals, natural materials enrich the air with their subtle scents. To further engage your sense of smell, burn beeswax candles, use aroma diffusers, and grow herbs and plants in the kitchen. Avoid air purifiers that contain harmful chemicals.


While our expertise isn’t in cooking, a thoughtfully designed kitchen can significantly enhance healthy eating and boost your energy levels. Choose a refrigerator with ample fresh vegetable storage and a smaller freezer. Improve your water’s taste by installing a filter, which also removes harmful chemicals. Avoid placing a TV in your eating area to encourage mindful eating, keep a fruit basket on display, and eliminate unhealthy snacks.

At Yoko Kloeden Design, we consider everything from the start, creating spaces that work harmoniously from the inside out.

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