Beyond Sight and Sound

In a world overflowing with information, our senses are constantly on high alert. The majority of this information, especially in the digital realm, engages just two of our senses – sight and hearing. While our visual and auditory receptors (our eyes and ears) need time to rest, our other three senses remain underutilised in enhancing […]

Harmonising Indoor and Outdoor Living

One of the most awe-inspiring places I’ve ever visited is the Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan, crafted in the 17th century for the imperial family. I’ve dedicated a journal article to this masterpiece (check it out here). The interiors of the villa are beautifully simple, yet the entire architectural design was orchestrated to capture the essence […]

Creating a Cozy Haven

In continuation of last month’s discussion on indoor air quality, this month, we delve into the essence of what truly makes a home comfortable. Who doesn’t yearn for a nurturing sanctuary? Yet, many homes fall short of providing true comfort: from the jarring noise of early morning flights in a loft room to the stifling […]

The Key to Healthy Indoor Air

As the days lengthen and winter comes to an end, the yearning to fling open our windows grows stronger. For many, winter signifies a time when our homes are sealed shut, trapping stale air within. In this month’s journal, let’s talk about the significance of air quality. Studies reveal that indoor air quality in the […]