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Booking, payment & refund

You are able to book a consultation up until 72 hours before the start time. This allows our designer to prepare for the consultation.

You are able to cancel or reschedule your consultation up to 72 hours (3 business days) beforehand for a full refund. If 72 hours beforehand includes weekends or UK bank holidays, the request will need to be made at least 72 hours before these dates. 

Please note, clients are allowed one cancellation or one reschedule per each completed consultation. Any cancellations and/or reschedules beyond that will be charged in full. If you cancel your consultation within 72 hours of the time your consultation is due to begin, you will unfortunately be charged in full. To cancel a consultation, you can email us from our Contact page. 

If you purchase our Video Consultation Package and wish for a refund, you will receive your money back (minus a £15 administrative fee) – as long as you have not booked your first session. To cancel this package, you can email us from our Contact page. However, all sessions will become non-refundable after the first session has been booked.

Yes, when you are booking a consultation you will be asked to provide your payment information and will be charged immediately after completing the purchase.

Yes. You can book a consultation for someone else, and either send them the link to the consultation or enter their name/email address into the booking at checkout instead of your own. Please note the consultation will be best utilised when the person having the consultation prepares key questions prior to the consultation.

While we use our experience and expertise to advise you on most interior design-related topics, we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with all the advice you receive, or take responsibility for results of any decisions you make following this advice. 

We cannot offer refunds based on your level of satisfaction with your consultation. However, we take our post-consultation reviews and feedbacks seriously which could result in taking action.

We ensure that our calendar is always updated. However, there may be something urgent that comes up and we may have to reschedule. We sincerely apologise if this happens to you, and we will get the consultation rescheduled ASAP.

We do our best to keep our availability up to date in the calendar. However, if none of the listed times work for you, please contact us through Contact page.

How it works

We are happy to answer any questions you have such as, but are not limited to: 

– Floor plan layout

– Identifying your style and give a direction

– Brands and suppliers to consider

– Fixtures, finishes ideas

– Furniture and accessories selection and placement

– Kitchen and built-in furniture look and feel

– Career advice for aspiring designers

– Renovation and refurbishment ideas and ball park figure (cost only inside London)

Video consultation is not a full service where we design and execute your projects. Typically, we will not have enough information to answer questions such as: 

– Providing precise measurements

– Information on costom product suppliers and personal contacts outside of London

– Contractor, trades people recommendation specific to your project outside of London

– Advising on quotation you have received from builders/ contractors

– Ordering any items for you

– Overseeing any construction work

– Tangible design deliverables such as CAD drawings, mood boards, room mockups

Here are a few suggestions to consider: 

– Ensure your key questions are well defined. The clearer the questions, the more you will get out of your consultation. 

– Put together a simple document or presentation to walk through during your consultation. The document/presentation could include photos of your space, pieces of furniture you have, floor layout options you are considering, aspirational images you would like to achieve, etc. When booking a consultation, you could upload a file or share a link to your Dropbox or Google Drive with us.  

– A session does go quickly – although you will be surprised by how much we can cover. If you would like to discuss a large area, we encourage you to book two consecutive slots.

While you are not able to discuss anything directly with Yoko before booking, you are able to list 2x key questions (or 3x for a 1-hour session) that you would like to ask. Within your booking form, you will be asked to also add a note to explain what you would like your consultation to be focused on.  

You will also be able to upload files to review during your consultation.

Yes, you can. If you need to change the key questions or add a file to share during the consultation, you can edit your answers by clicking the ‘Amend My Appointment’ button in your confirmation email up until 48 hours before the session.

To get most out of the limited amount of time., we encourage you to think through the key questions (2x questions for a 30min. session and 3x for a 1-hour session) when you make a booking and be prepared for the consultation by sending/ uploading images and plans in advance.  

Your consultation may end with something for you to work on or consider. When you have had the time to consider your next steps and require further guidance, we encourage you to book another consultation.

When you make a booking, you will have an opportunity to upload materials, including images, presentations, floor plans, etc. to review during your consultation. During zoom video consultations, you can use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to show around your space. You can also share additional information using Zoom’s screen share feature.

If you find that you don’t have time to get all of your questions answered, we suggest booking another consultation. We are delighted to help as often as you need.

Yes. As long as you are physically together sharing the same screen, please invite anyone to the consultation. 

In addition, you are allowed to invite one guest to your consultation – such as your contractor, architect, friend, etc. – with whom the zoom link will also be shared so that they can access the consultation from their own home. Please select this option when you make a booking.

We recommend using a desktop or laptop with fast Wi-Fi for your consultation to utilise all of Zoom’s features.

We may record your consultations for our training purposes but this will not be shared with anyone external. If you would like to receive the recording of your consultation, please contact us through the Contact page.

Booking an appointment means that you are automatically added to our email list but you can unsubscribe at any time. We are mindful that the pressures on all of our time means that we need to consider carefully who we invite into our inboxes so we always endeavour to keep our content relevant. if you do decide at any time you no longer wish to be a part of the community in this way, you can unsubscribe with no questions asked.