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About Yoko Kloeden | Interior Designer

Yoko Kloeden
Creative director

Yoko Kloeden Design was founded by a Japan-born, corporate-investor-turned-designer, Yoko Kloeden in 2015 with one mission: to create spaces that care about the people inside from the beginning.

Yoko grew up in the ancient capital of Japan surrounded by 1000-year old architecture and mountains. From a young age, she never liked theme parks or suburban shopping malls. Instead, she preferred to lie down in the gardens of her favourite temples in Kyoto during the off season, feeling the change of seasons and breathing in the serenity.

Her first career in the competitive world of business and finance led her to live across Asia, North America and Europe, before she settled in London in 2010.

About Yoko Kloeden | Interior Designer

It was after countless days and nights spent in soulless airport lounges and copy pasted hotel rooms that she realized how quality in spaces affects life on an everyday basis. After her first child was born, her yearning for a space that evoked her fondest memories came back.

She decided to create spaces that human activities inside take a centre stage.

Our London-based studio offers full interior architecture and design service at its core as well as onsite and online design consultancy. The spaces that we create are known to be calming and evocative balms for the senses and our work has been featured in respected national and international magazines.

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