Thoughts on Post-Open Plan Living


If you have been following us for the past few weeks, you might have been thinking ...

'The pink velvet sofa is lovely, but how on earth I would get my husband (partner) to agree?'

Well... the lucky Mrs Client didn't need to convince her husband as the room with the pink sofa is what we had been referring to in the project as 'Her Room'.

Yes, that's right. Mr. Client also has 'His Room' - his own hide-away where he watches ice hockey matches (he is Canadian, so I am just guessing...), plays Nintendo, or simply sits back and relax with a can of beer.

His and Hers Havens, Games Room

Gone are the days of sprawling together in front of one big TV? The Clients still have a space for that purpose in the family living room (see the room here). It's a MUST for a family movie night!

However, in the age of mobile phones and Netflix, personal entertainment is more personal than ever. Mr and Mrs Client each wanted a room that reflects their own needs and aesthetic visions.

Mr. Client hardly spends any time in 'His Room' during the day and he opted for a dark and cozy cocoon. This room used to be a garage and is the smallest room in the house. But it's a perfect place for him to wind down after long hours in the City.

His and Hers Haven, Games Room

As a mother of three lively children, I can totally relate to that. You just need a little breathing space where a pile of dirty dishes and stash of LEGO bricks are out of sight. After two decades of open plan living being so popular, we are seeing that people are moving away from a complete open plan living and opting for a series of semi-open plan rooms or with a few break-out spaces.

If you have the space, go for it!

From a designer's point of view, a personal space is interesting as it means that we can often be more bold and create a backdrop to an individual's life by inserting lots of personal touches.

If you cannot spare a room, it could be just a corner in a room. Where is your 'me place' where you get to just be yourself?