Goosebump Moments


I have been thinking about the last post for this year before I turn off my phone / computer for a break and it had to be this one.

Brooke Holm, Mineral Matter

This is one of the images from Mineral Matter collection by the very talented NY-based photographer Brooke Holm.

When I first saw this image, it gave me goose bumps...

Brooke Holm, Mineral Matter

It absolutely clearly encapsulates my aesthetics.

It is gorgeous and tactile.
It is organic and natural (it's an aerial image of Iceland's dynamic landscape) but could almost look geometric.
The colours are just stunning - deep blue of the river water and almost shimmery nude colour of the sand.

Sadly, I still haven't got a budget to buy her limited edition photography but I will... soon!

And, this reminded me that probably what I like most about working on our clients' projects is when our clients say to me 'you have come up with so many things that I wouldn't have thought of myself but I totally love'.

In other words, when we were able to give that goosebump moments. So many clients have said that to me and I really treasure it in my heart.

Brooke Holm, Mineral Matter

It doesn't need to be gorgeours artworks like my goose bumps of the year. It might well be the use of a room you have never thought about before, the colour or material you wouldn't even have considered yourself but absolutely in love with now, etc. Or, of course it could be that perfect pink velvet sofa one of our clients adores so much (here!)

We sometimes think we are anthropologist x lifestyle counselor. We ask lots of questions about how you would like to use a space and challenge a lot of preconceptions you might already have to make sure the design solution we suggest are well-thought through and robust.

We dig very deep and half of our mind tries to think like our clients while the other half searches solutions among tons of resources / inspiration.

We have been lucky to work with amazing clients and so many talented artists and suppliers this year.

Thank you for all your support.

Have a wonderful festive period and see you in New Year!