Art of Konmari with Interior Designer


I am a fairly early adoptor of KonMari method, but her recent fame on Netflix is amazing!

I am a natural declutterer and probably partly because I moved around so much in my 20s, I don't tend to keep 'stuff'. But even for me, her method was a total eye opener and we have been happilly adopting her method since I read her first book.

Most of our clients are families with children. Ensuring that they have enough storage is one of our important tasks. As you know if you have children, decluttering and tidying are literally what we parents seem to spend a bulk of our time on day in and day out.

I agree with Marie Kondo that you have to discard stuff first before you store it; do not buy stuff to start with that doesn't spark joy.... but that's not where we come in.

We come in to make sure each item has a designated place. Here are two examples.

The first one is a media unit we designed for our client in Wandsworth (Find more about the project here).

The client wanted a statement media unit, that doesn't take over the entire wall, and didn't want to compromise the aesthetics. This unit had to solve two issues they had.

First, their two young children had a big toy storage/bench in another area of the same space but it opens from the top so wasn't suited to store children's books. The children have bedrooms each on the first floor and in the future, a bulk of their books and toys will be stored in their rooms but when they are young, there is an inevitable spill over into the family living area.

Second, the couple both work full time in their office and don't work from home. However, you still have files and folders for household documents and they didn't have anywhere to store them.

His and Hers Havens, Family Living

This is what we created. A tall unit, which is deep enough to store files and folders without being overwhelming, and a long low unit to store DVD players etc and children's books. The wiring between the wall hung TV, sound bar, and the TV box is chased on the wall behind shimmery wall coverings. We added two display shelves to balance the whole unit.

His and Hers Havens, Joinery

This is another one. If you live in one of those period houses, you might be struggling with hallway storage. Everyone uses precious space under the stairs differently.

We created a coat and bag cupboard with a hanging rail for the tallest space and two shoes drawers for the small two - a big one for grown ups and a small one for children. The drawers are open on three sides and have a partition in the middle. The partition is actually not exactly in the middle as the husband's shoe size is massively bigger than the wife's. His side is deeper but she gets a taller one to store her boots.

Serene & Robust, Hallway Storage
Serene & Robust, Hallway Storage

The only problem is... children grow up so quickly!!!

Of course I saw this coming, so I made the children's drawers deep enough to store the mum's shoes so they can swap in the future if they need to... Poor mum!

It's in this attention to detail and caring that makes a difference in every day life.

Happy tidying!